Private classes

Kris brings yoga to you for tailor-made sessions

It is made for you if

❈ You want to receive a session specially made for you
❈ You want to practice following your own rythm
❈ You prefer a teacher who focus only on you
❈ You are not comfortable practicing with a group
❈ You have specific needs
❈ You have chronic pain (low back pain, painful joints, etc)
❈ It’s hard for you to deal with your emotions
❈ You are stressed and it is hard for you to calm your mind

What can you find in a private class ?

❈ Yoga according to your needs
❈ Pranayama and breathworks
❈ Relaxation et meditation on a specific theme
❈ Postural adjustments
❈ Other (depending on your needs) : introduction to reiki, EFT, essential oils, coaching, self development, spirituality, philosophy

Your teacher

cours particuliers de yoga

« My talent as a teacher is to create tailor-made sessions : I listen to your goals, I target your needs and I make a link between all the discipline I’ve been trained for to create customized yoga class. »

To learn more about Kris, click HERE (in french)


❈ Tailor-made session
❈ The teacher is focused on you and only you
❈ Personnalised support
❈ You work on a specific demand with your teacher
❈ Adaptability to your schedule
❈ You can practice at home or on a outside spot you like
❈ Possibility to do it with your partner, friends or family


To book your session, please send an email to and specify your first name and your location.

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